Rensponsibility and Business.

Opening a company with objectives of producing, earning and growing, also has environmental responsibilies.

The “dimension” of these remains are the cost of the “time” dedicated to finding ways to recycle/make the best use of all the material from the sailloft , creating an useful product for every day with a fancy touch of Italian design.



Under About Marullo you can now find a video about my business and my passion for sailing.


A sand-bag that prevents the photographer’s flash stand from blowing over. From the different traditional design of sandbags, it provides the stature for all three legs at the same time. Sewn weights and the design make it possible to easily add more weights.

Motvikt på plats.

Nu blixtstativ har stabilitet

Women traveling in the world.

The elegant Maria has chosen a Marullo bag to travel to Palma de Mallorca.
There was no other choice.

Spring is the right time for to be ready under the shadow in summer time.


The funny answer to my request.

Sometimes I ask the customers if they can send me several pictures, of work that I have done, for my page.

Here, friendly friends / customers have tried to make a video and sent it to show all the visitors to Webb what I was sewing, but it was not so easy to make a video for them.

Left(que si que si) right (que no que no).

A big thank you to theater company.

Vänersnipa – a boat type on Värmlandsnäs

The challenge to keep Felicia’s elegance over time.

Felicia(1949) fått ett ny kapell-Felicia(1949) has a new cover.

Happy customer with his sun shelter.

Solskydd panorama/Sun shelter panorama

Äntiglen är den klar /At last it’s ready

Sport, Education, Bad habit, Free time ….. it’s “just” to sew.

Väsk klättring/
Bag climbing

Mini Bälte Väska/
Mini belt bag

Vapenbälte av läderav läder/
Weapon belt of leather

Dagis med flaggor/
Kindergarten school with flags


Cigarett fodral grön
/Cigarett fodral green

Cigarett fodral Orange

Memories of a sail.

Sailing with a”big guy” . Is it a joke of words?  No, it´s not .

The name of the sail is Big Boy or Blooper. The sail was born in the 70/80 century during the period of the IOR rules and it was used to stabilize the boat.

On the pictures you can see the first tests made in the Wind tunnel in Västerrottna.

Test 1

Test 2


Förlik / Luff

Test på flaggstången 1 /Sail test on flagpole 1







Test på flaggstången 2/Sail test on flagpole 2